Panning for Internet Gold: The monkey surplus edition

Here it is: your sanctioned, teabag-related moment of afternoon delight. How will you hold your drunken head up at the office Christmas party if you haven’t seen the latest Ikea Monkey memes?

Let’s go to not-work procrastinatory work.

The Afternoon Tea-baggers' Male Quartet Joy Joy album

Love to love you, BFF


I can forgive Andrew Garfield anything, but this video takes an amusingly strict line with the latest Spiderman:

Banana-induced rage

Mouse Scares a DogImportant Amazon reviews of a banana slicer.

Road is actually a trampoline. FUN!

It takes a certain level of fabulous for some products to appear necessary. [Vaguely NSFW.]

A Very Brony Hannukah. Delightful.

This tattoo of Grumpy Cat is so very, very metal.

Hej Mönkii

Penguin down

I believe that penguins are benevolent, so let’s assume that noise is concern rather than mockery:

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