Panning for Internet Gold: the Oscar-winning skateboarder edition

I’d like to thank The Academy for the shiny statues and Mr and Mrs L for Jennifer Lawrence. Let’s thank the universe for cute animals and your lucky stars for this brief interlude within which you are officially deemed eligible to leer at them for procrastinatory purposes. GO.

Underwater shenanigansEverything in its place

Burn the witch

New controller senses your muscle-twitch to play your iTunes. Only $149!

The frog you’ll wanna kiss

Christophe Waltz on a skateboard

The world’s cutest frog is STUPI-cute.

I got you a kitten in a vase and a hedgehog in a jar.

This cat isn’t going to take any of that crocodile’s shit.

Fabulous sloth is fabulous.

When baby Red Pandas attack, things get adorable.

Chutu. Tu-munk.

Feline flip flop

What? I meant to wear it like a hat. It is so very me and so very now:

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