Panning for Internet Gold: The toilet instructions edition

9,900 people on this exquisite blue planet search for ‘toilet instructions’ every month. EVERY MONTH.

And yet the Dork Adore management team have never once acknowledged my sterling contribution to their search engine visibility.

Hello, people troubled by the smallest room in the house. Scroll down and your needs will be met in succinct digital imagery. While you’re here, perhaps you might also find some animal videos amusing. Or perhaps you’re in a hurry. Anyway.

Lamb Cake

Forrest Gump. There’s one for you.

A horse walks into an orchestra

Breaking news: Horse plays recorder. YouTube calls it a flute. And the world LOLs.

How to use a toilet - detailed instructions

 Handicapable creatures

It’s a big week in disabled pet footage. This fluffy bunny has wheels to get around…

..whereas Caffrey the cat hops on his good side.

This miniature pony needs splints for his teeeeensy legs.

But then we head under water. Meet the turtle with artificial flippers

..and unbelievably, the fish in a sling. A FISH IN A SLING. *Heart breaks, emotions spill everywhere*

‘A snack? For me? Why you are AWFULLY kind!’

I’ll leave you with a top 20 of cat hugs. Yes, the 20 superlative feline embraces. My pleasure.

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