Panning for Internet Gold: The sizzling chemistry edition

It’s that time of year when all the ‘Best of 2012’ review posts litter your browsing experience like so many unwelcome snowflakes. So I’ll review those reviews and you can review those review-reviews at your leisure. IS IT STILL 2012? SWEET MERCY WHY?

Grumpy Cat - dashing through the no.

The dental models have ears

Cotton Wool Van Buren

Where most adverts produce primal rage, this one’s pretty lovely:

Sizzling chemistryThe best face swaps of 2012

There is now a subreddit of chemical reaction gifs. RELEASE THE AMMONIUM.

Johnny Cash wrote a couple of beautiful letters proclaiming his love for June Carter. *Sigh*

Charlie Brown creator Charles Schulz also wrote some rather charming love letters, even though the context is kiiiinda creepy.

Sinking further into disrepute, I very much enjoyed these somewhat NSFW gifs of, um, sensual performance art.

To redeem everything: a glorious twerking marine. He’s got game.

Puppies down t’pit

Catching all the dream-rabbits

Dreaming Bulldog puppy will hit you right in the feels:

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