New Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer

Counting down until the next and final Twilight film? Did the last trailer leave you wanting more?

Or are you looking forward to the series finally ending, and a nation of teenagers finding a new obsession?

If you’re part of the Twihard group, you might want to have a peek at the video below…the extended Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer!

Judging by the trailer, those of us who have read the book and felt a bit disappointed by the last film are in for a nice surprise. Drama! Action! More brooding looks from vamps and werewolves! Cute little vamp human child!

Oh, and Bella smiles in it. A real smile. Not one of those odd constipated ones she throws at her vampire beau. So, y’know, it’s worth watching for that.

Are you excited about the final Twilight film? 

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