Panning for internet gold: The ‘animals got swag’ edition

You Had Bill Cosby At Jello - NYC street art

Hello, gentle Internet Window-Shopper. Look at all these top quality, must-have goods I’ve found from this week’s online melee for you to ogle with your face-portholes.

Avian woo

  • Everyone fell in love with this duckling. Must be something in the way he moves (spoiler: frantically, like a chemically enhanced Pac-Man).
  • Elsewhere, somebody gave a whole lot of ducks.
  • This cockatoo could show you a thing or two about how to rock out properly.

Lip sync videos are normally quite twee, aren’t they? Not this one. This Nicki Minaj lip sync is delightfully out of its tree:

The only way for Up

Sad Justin Bieber Cake

It’s like they can see into my kitchen. Foodmourn: Mourning culinary low-points (pictured).


Does it come in X-Pro?

You think you’ve seen everything and then a whale sneezes out a rainbow. Wait for it:

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