Geek Nail Art: Toy Story Alien tutorial

Toy Story Alien Nail Art

Following on from the marvellous Totoro nail art how-to, we've found this rather lovely Toy Story Alien tutorial Roslion90 has kept it simple with just four colours and a repeated design that's the same on every nail (so you can probably just about pass for normal in polite society. The Toy Story … [Read more...]

Monsters Inc 2 teaser trailer

Monsters Inc 2

A teaser trailer for the prequel to Pixar's Monsters Inc just appeared on YouTube. Monsters University is set in the days before Boo when Sulley and Mike where students at the University of Fear – and not particularly great mates. Take a peek! It's not due out till next year, so don't get too … [Read more...]

The best children’s story iPad apps

Toy Story

With 2012 about to sit squarely on top of 2011 and flatten it to memory, we can be comfortable in the knowledge that children's book apps are now coming into their own. The industry that started out with a nice (if limited) Alice in Wonderland, has evolved into a beautiful medium, rich with … [Read more...]

Toy Story 3: Dork Review

Toy Story 3

After eleven years, Toy Story returns! Of course, the original films were fantastic, genuine modern classics. Not only that, they launched the current era of animated movies, by proving that computer-generated characters had feelings too. So a little bit of pressure existed on Pixar for this … [Read more...]