Panning for Internet Gold: The ‘Trump Power’ edition

Man Paints Himself Hulk -Green PermanentlyHey, surfer. Are you too busy to trawl through the entire internet? Too lazy to endure a deluge of rancid buhh-chaff in order to find a morsel of tasty LOL-wheat?

No problem. Sit back and gorge on your saturated fat of choice, pausing only to splodge a greasy index finger over these prime, wheaty links.

Bottom Trumps

You can call my hologram Al

  • Best newcomer to Twitter this week: the somewhat bleak but perfectly-pitched Leaping Sam:

I’ve leapt into the body of David Icke, I’m on the TV and I am about to embark upon a bizarre rant about lizards ruling the world. Oh boy.

— Dr Sam Beckett (@LeapingSam) May 29, 2012

My love is like a weird, weird MRI-based competition

  • Get in the machine. Now: love. LOVE HARD. Worth 15 minutes of your time and tears.

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