Panning for Internet Gold: the scary beans edition

It’s a big, old, scary world. Not least when you’ve got psycho cowboy toddler there, eyeing you up from behind his beany spoon.

So take a deep breath and allow yourself ten glorious minutes of procrastinatory glee with ma lully, lully links.

Pork and Beans Nightmare Child

Didn’t expect it to be so big

Werq it, ja!

Germany, 1970. The best dance-based, football-related fashion show is being captured on film.

Skip to 28 seconds and REVEL IN THE UNADULTERATED JOY.

Up Toddler Cosplay

Social Media Cat Wars

All you need is cute

Build it anyway, Doozer

Ben Folds Five reached into my heart for their latest video’s inspiration.

In there, they found Fraggles and Doozers:

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