Panning for Internet Gold: The squid hat edition

You’ve had an excellent week! Your latest feature film is so popular with fans that some of them threatened critics with violence! Then again, that thing happened at your London premiere that made all your stars go frowny-faced. Either way, you’ve earned some procrastination fodder. Let us play.
Dark Knight Rises London Premiere Frowny Faces


Kim: less of a Kant than they say

Too snuggilicious

Incredible dancing boy pops on his Snuggie and faultlessly recreates Beyoncé’s Countdown video – see both below to understand the magnificence of this achievement. If he authored the Am I Beyoncé Yet Tumblr, I suspect the answer would be different.

Beware: this section is wet, slippery

  • Squid Hat by Obey My Brain on EtsyEtsy shop Obey My Brain creates the kind of marine-based headwear that will cause a stir down the chippy of a Friday night (pictured).
  • You can now order a custom-made mermaid tail because… I don’t know how to finish that sentence.
  • Warning: the next link is most definitely not to be clicked before, during or after a meal. The Urechis Unicinctus is a fish you are unlikely to want anywhere near your beautiful aquarium. Or your dreams.
  • The latest edition of Angling Times represents a triumph of journalism in every feature.

NB: this section is adorable

The Tiny Dark Knight Rocks Charmingly

Somebody somewhere has a job that involves dabbing baby bats gently with a moistened cotton bud and now I desperately need to connect with them on LinkedIn:

If you can take more, we’ve got it for you on the Panning for Internet Gold tag. Just don’t make yourself sick from over-indulging in internet links.

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