Panning for Internet Gold: The owl jockey edition

Ah, internet. Without those rusty old tubes, almost nobody would know whether a Slow Loris liked to be tickled. Rebecca Black would choose her car seat without intervention and millions would have no idea of the existence of these nested Avengers dolls (below).

But who has the time to find the A-Levels among the lovely jumping students? Me, it would seem. So let’s peek at ’em.

Avengers nesting dollsSay it again, Luke

Drop it to the floor

People fainting, the supercut. Never not funny.

Don’t talk to the hand

Fur soothes all

Penguins. The socially awkward of the animal kingdom.

Possibly the best dog costume, ever.

Sometimes, nothing will help your day except a tiny pig in a blanket.

The internet contains an endless supply of owls really enjoying being scratched

..but for the first time, I bring you an owl riding a dog:

If you can take more, we’ve got it for you on the Panning for Internet Gold tag. Caution: clicking this link this may suck up half your day.

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