Dork Fashion Icons: Enid Coleslaw (Ghost World)

Enid Coleslaw is the ultimate comic book anti-heroine and one that’s become something of a poster girl for geek chic with indie cred.

In the Daria Morgendorffer mold, she’s a witty, intelligent and cynical commentator on the world around her. Brought to life by Thora Birch in the 2001 adaptation, check after the jump for a guide to stealing her own personal brand of outsider chic (green hair optional).

Enid Coleslaw

Skinny jeans £38 Miss Selfridge, Underground brothel creepers £85 Asos, leather jacket £165 Topshop, t-shirt £40 House of Fraser, Mai Tai glasses £69 Glasses Direct, sketch pad £8.66, Tropical Green hairdye £5 Stargazer

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