Shop of the Week: Shoes of Prey


Customised fashion services are not a particularly new innovation. In fact, we mentioned a few a while ago in our round-up of the best ways to customise your life. But there's still room for a few new sites to pop up and give the more established sites a run for their money. Shoes of Prey offers … [Read more...]

Shop of the Week: My Wardrobe


The things I do for your people. This week, I spend hours browsing through My Wardrobe for the best pieces. What a chore*. For those that haven't heard of My Wardrobe, it's an online boutique full of the hottest designer pieces, often shortly after they've come off the catwalks of London, Paris, … [Read more...]

Smart Gloves for Smart Phones


Smartphones have become almost ubiquitous over the last couple of years. Even my mother has a touch screen phone, although she hasn't quite grasped typing on it: she still sends me messages saying things like 'Crime home soon'. I think then that I can speak with confidence when I say that we've … [Read more...]