Geek Nail Art: Totoro Tutorial

Personally, it’s a miracle if I can get through an entire nail painting session without having to delete and start again, but if you’re less cack-handed than I am, you might find this Totoro Nail Art How-to useful. Just look how cute it is!

These amazing nails come to you courtesy of Korean blogger, Luuthienluv, who has created all manner of wonderful nail art designs. This Totoro one is especially brilliant – not least because so many of the other ones out there are just a bit clunky by comparison. And the ones that aren’t clunky just look a little bit too difficult. These ones, however, look simple enough for me to have a go at.

You can check out the full Totoro nail how-to in photo form over on her website.

Bandi Nail Lacquer is on eBay, Peripera is also on eBay (although finding equivalents of the colours shouldn’t be too hard!)


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    • says

       You could always do yours with tiny ears. Their ears aren’t all that big anyway are they? I think they’re longer on these nails than IRL. (Don’t go telling me Totoros don’t exist in real life, by the way – I won’t thank you!)

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