Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon – Dork Review

Doctor Who: Day Of The MoonAfter watching the second episode of Doctor Who, I scratched my head. Then I wandered around.  None of it helped. I still had no notion of what was going on in the last couple of scenes, so I’ll probably spoil them in this review as a form of therapy. You have been warned.

So was it all confusion and mental whiplash? Or did the Who Crew pick up the drama this week?

Silents Will Phall

Twitter has been shrieking about how complicated this was, but to give Steven Moffat his credit, the majority was relatively straight by his standards. He elaborated on his nifty concept of the Silence (Is that how we’re pluralising it?), made them even more creepy than last week, ended in a clever way, included character scenes, the usual.

But the resolution didn’t feel particularly final, or seem enough to justify two weeks. And that, presumably, is because the Silents (I don’t know) are coming back later, perhaps to argue with the Doctor that his reaction was a little extreme. Maybe this story would’ve worked better as a special hour-long premiere – as a two-parter, after all that amping up, it needed a bigger pay-off.

Schrödinger’s Uterus

My first thought as the episode neared its end was “Oh Rory, don’t spend the whole series being insecure, or I’ll stop liking you again”. Then I forgot about that, Silent-style. Apparently Amy’s reproductive system is so confusing that the TARDIS cannot fathom it? Also, she “thought she was pregnant, but wasn’t”? That’s a bit of a cop-out from last time’s cliffhanger, isn’t it? And that kid? Is it River Song? Amy’s daughter? The Doctor’s daughter from ages ago? All of the above?

Basically, in a typical Moffat Doctor Who episode, there are many cool-looking moments that make no sense, then he ties them up in a clever way and we all think he’s a genius. It’s starting to look like this whole series might be following that template. I hope he drip-feeds us answers, rather than saving it all until the end, or it may get wearing, especially with a huge gap in the middle of the run.

In the meantime, this instalment had cool moments and a climax, albeit one that doesn’t feel as climactic as I’d have liked, and some hinting that will hopefully go somewhere brilliant. I’m still enjoying it, but looking forward to next week when (please) we might get a story with a conclusive end.

Check it out on iPlayer if need be, and let us know below whether you felt entertained yet a little teased as well.

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  1. Bookgirl575 says

    She was pregnant. She gave birth to that girl and forgot about it. That's my take on it anyways. How she became a time lord is weird though.

    • says

      But the TARDIS was scanning her as POSITIVE/NEGATIVE/POSITIVE/NEGATIVE after she returned, which doesn't make sense if she'd already given birth. To the extent that any of it makes sense.


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