With My Camera Eye – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- S1E4 – Dork Review

It was a bit of a dull fancy dress party....

The Agents of SHIELD are a globe trotting bunch, that’s for sure. After the Incan temples in Peru and a version of Malta that only exists in some kind of weird netherworld, this week’s episode kicks off in Stockholm and takes in Belarus along the way.

But what are our intrepid agents up to? Spoilers behind the jump, of course. Catch up on the series so far on 4oD.

The Men in the Red Masks

In the opening scenes, a street festival in Stockholm is interrupted by the passage of… well, quite a few men in identical outfits, identical red masks and all holding a briefcase. They’re being watched… well, by everyone, but especially close by a young lady wearing headphones.

She follows them into the Underground, onto a train. Abiding her time, she suddenly pulls the emergency breaks, causing the train to grind to a halt. While the rest of the passengers scuttle out, she makes off with the briefcases, leaving the men in the masks a bit less alive than they were.

It transpires that this is the latest in a series of incredibly meticulously executed diamond thefts, and SHIELD is sent to investigate.

There’s something in your eye…

The thief in question turns out to be Coulson’s former protégé, Akela Amadour (Pascale Armand). The team gives chase, choosing to believe Coulson when he says that Akela wouldn’t turn on SHIELD. Akela evades them, prompting SHIELD to examine further. They find out that she’s controlled by a camera in her eye (with X-Ray backscatter function – thank you for that information, FitzSimmons), which has a fail-safe bomb in case she defects or is caught.

Akela is taken to the SHIELDJet (the “Bus”, as it’s apparently now called), and Coulson manages to hijack her feed; using glasses to simulate what Akela is seeing, Ward and Skye take over her mission, while Fitz and Simmons operate on Akela’s eye.

Coulson manages to track down Akela’s controller, only to have him die before his eyes – seemingly controlled by the same device as Akela.

Akela is taken into custody by SHIELD agents, but Coulson promises his former protégé a fair trial.

The Coulson mystery continues

It is at that moment that Akela turns to Agent May (who actually does get to kick some ass this week, thank Christ) and asks what it was that happened to Coulson – she senses something is different about him and wants to know if they did something to him.

May doesn’t get to reply, but it is another addition to the growing list of clues of the “What happened to Agent Coulson” mystery. And, arguably, the most tantalizing one…

As mentioned, May FINALLY gets to kick some ass, getting into a fist-fight with Akela. Akela herself proves to be an intriguing antagonist of the week, mainly because she’s not really an antagonist. She’s being controlled by the actual antagonist, prompting her to act like an antagonist, so she’s really not one. She only acts that way.

If that makes sense.

Fitz and Simmons continue to be one and the same person, spouting techno babble and doing their usual geeky thing. Ward and Skye are now officially the other team-up on this show, attempting to finish Akela’s latest mission together. There’s a moment at the end of the episode where Skye gets a cheeky peek at Ward with the X-Ray glasses used earlier on… I’m saying nothing, of course.

Next week: a mysterious lady in a flower dress may hold the key to… well, a mystery – and Skye’s got a secret that puts her relationship with the team on the line when they need her the most…. Tune in, same time, same place.

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