Grimm: Season Two – Dork Preview

GrimmLast year, I watched a few episoides of Grimm, the series that asks the ultimate question: what if Buffy was trapped in an urban police procedural? And was a man? Well, he’d run around fighting fairytale monsters, it seems.

Anyway, I decided it was competent, but didn’t exactly rise above the crowd. But apparently Grimm has done well in the States, so is back for season two, with its UK premiere on Watch tonight.

To Grimm Or Not To Grimm?

So, are you a big Grimm fan? Is it your fairytale drama of choice, trumping Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead? As I said, I wasn’t blown away, but did it undergo a late season one renaissance? Should we all go back and grab the DVDs, or even just leap in there with season two?

I’ve embedded the trailer for season two below, and here we see our hero reunited with his mother, who appears to be a Grimm chosen monster killer too. Or is she? The family angle is at least a further distinction between this show and Buffy, so maybe it’ll go interesting places.

In short, if Grimm is your favourite show and you’re excited for season two, let us know below. If anyone makes a good case, I may even give the new season another chance.

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