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The Walking Dead: SecretsWith the mid-season finale looming, it’s time for everything in The Walking Dead to come to a head, in time for big-but-not-quite-climactic events next week. And with a host of characters keeping stuff from one another, there’s plenty of flames to stoke.

Especially since that Glenn kid just can’t keep his mouth shut.

The Undead Pincer Movement

This is a textbook pre-finale episode, in which everyone’s little secrets come spilling out just in time for confrontations. We also see the return of the zombies, who have been keeping themselves to themselves of late, not indulging in many random attacks.

But they’re back now, ramping up the danger and reminding us that the farm and its flimsy wooden fence may not keep the gang safe forever. Will next week see a full-on attack, in which our heroes are undone by the barn zombies coming at them from behind?

My beloved Daryl was scarce, but after his exposure last week, I cannot rightly complain. Wise old man Dale got most of the good scenes instead, handling the issues with a maturity that Glenn could only dream of. He even diagnoses Shane’s psychopathy based on…. very little. In fact, that was am odd leap.

The Big Crazy Triangle

Shane and his determination to be seen as the hero, no matter who he has to murder in the process, is one of the most fascinating elements, and I’m only sorry that his current path will likely lead to death or banishment from the group. Hopefully that will hold off until the end of the season.

And, yes, the pregnancy storyline coming to the fore means more Rick/Lori, but they weren’t as unbearable as they sometimes are. (Although I’m not sure the morning after pill works that way even if you take the whole packet, but I suppose she isn’t a doctor.) I’m curious whether she really knows it’s Rick’s baby, or is just being optimistic.

All in all, many nice moments, but as a whole, very slow paced. This farm-camping phase of the season has dragged, it would’ve felt more pacey at two episodes rather than three, but then they might have cut the excellent Daryl material last week, so it’s hard to tell what I really want. And next week, after all this, maybe some action. Possibly finding Sophia too, though let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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