The ultimate geek stag do


When you're part of the inner wedding circle – or when you're due to be married yourself – having a stag do can seem like a daunting experience, particularly if you're a bit of a nerd. If you shudder at the thought of a 'typical' stag party and want to avoid wearing a slogan t-shirt branding you a … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Secrets – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Secrets

With the mid-season finale looming, it’s time for everything in The Walking Dead to come to a head, in time for big-but-not-quite-climactic events next week. And with a host of characters keeping stuff from one another, there’s plenty of flames to stoke. Especially since that Glenn kid just can’t … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Chupacabra – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Chupacabra

Throughout the second season of The Walking Dead, redneck savant Daryl Dixon has been taking the lion’s share of the cool and heroic moments. While alpha chaps Rick and Shane have been angsting and killing their own people, Daryl is stoically searching for a missing girl and battling his inner … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose

This week’s Walking Dead is the closest we’ve had so far to a day in the life of a bunch of zombie survivors. They ran errands, took stock of their position and, yes, there was even a few romantic moments or two. Well, in a way. It’s hard to tell. Of course, this sort of thing could be boring, … [Read more...]