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Torchwood: Miracle Day - The Middle MenTorchwood: Miracle Day is now getting stuck into its second half, and there seem to be two major  camps of opinion: the angry folk who think it’s just awful, and those who think it’s watchable but moving at a glacial pace.

Thankfully, I fall into the latter category, otherwise these reviews would be unreadable internet hate, but with four episodes left after this, isn’t it about time something happened?

Running On A Treadmill

Last episode, to give them credit, we had a proper story event. It didn’t advance the mystery, but provided genuine horror and some impetus for the characters. So pleased are the writers with that success, we now dwell on it, watching in magnified fascination as the characters extract themselves from their ending positions.

I wouldn’t mind, but from last week’s climax (Rex and Esther inside one camp, Gwen and Rhys inside another), we now have to watch them extricate themselves and it doesn’t add much, or at least, nothing that couldn’t have been covered in a fraction of the time.

Although I am curious what Gwen blew up at the end, and how it proved anything. Maybe a whole building full of Category As, or would that be hypocritical?

Messiah Disappears, No-One Notices

Meanwhile, Captain Jack has a chat with a previously-unseen PhiCorp chap, by far the most interesting scene of the episode. His horror at Oswald Danes’s speech last week seems long forgotten.

And speaking of the kiddie-fiddling saviour, where is he? Have the writers tired of giving him similar scenes each week, so taken him off-stage until he’s ready to advance? Which is fair enough, although it did mean no sign of his ludicrous PR girl either, and she normally gets the best lines.

Finally, Gwen receives a scary message towards the end, which makes my theory about the Miracle from the very first review look increasingly plausible. Yes, I feel pretty smug right now.

In short, then, this served as a rather mundane bridge between two sets of events, with only the possibility of being proven right to cheer me up. With only four episodes to go, hopefully we’ll see momentum next week. And yes, I have ended almost every review of Miracle Day by saying something along those lines.

Check out the episode on iPlayer, and let us know how your patience is holding up.

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