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Last week’s The Walking Dead was harrowing, knocking off two long-time characters (or, as we’ll see later, potentially three) and driving our main man over the edge of lunacy. We shuddered, we wept, we wondered if we were happier during season two when the show was dull.

So, surely it’s time to cheer up? Or at least not maim anyone for a bit?

The Governor And The Killing Machine

This week, the Woodbury and prison sequences are more or less equally balanced, so that’s how I’ll divide this review. I love it when TV shows do my planning for me.

In the Governor’s suburban dictatorship, Michonne still doesn’t trust anyone, whereas Andrea wants to believe thery’ve finally found sanctuary. Attentive viewers will recognise the same plot as the last two episodes, although thankfully we see movement at the end. I’m assuming Michonne will meet the other half of the cast shortly.

However, I admit, I’m having trouble with Michonne as a character. We’re meant to be on her side, but she hasn’t shown many sympathetic or human traits yet, except looking after Andrea in the past. All she seems to enjoy is sulking and killing, and to be honest, if I were the Governor, I wouldn’t trust her either.

David Morrissey doing a fine job in that role, by the way; enough charisma to make his position as beloved leader believable, with an undercurrent of madness. Not sure the pro-wrestling at the end is quite as credible, though. One of those bits from the comics that seems ludicrous on TV.

Feral Heroes And Fake Death

Back in prison-land, Rick has gone completely feral. These are intense scenes, scarily played by Andrew Lincoln, although I have no idea where they go with him now. Perhaps Rick pulls himself together heroically just in time to save his group from the Governor.

And Daryl steps up as leader, which seems natural, also a good set-up for when he encounters Merle again and is expected to fall back in line as fawning little brother. Although his scene at Carol’s graveside was the first time I realised that character was presumed dead. I imagine she’ll be back.

Not much else happens at the prison end, a few team-building scenes, a little scavenging. Decent episode that inches the storylines forward, but aside from Rick’s scenes there wasn’t much that made me sit up in my seat and be excited. Next week: will the two casts finally intermingle?

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  1. says

    I’ve finally caught up on episodes! Hurray!

    Totally agree the staged fighting bit was really implausible. Also, I love the way the citizens of the town mill about aimlessly rhubarbing.


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