Plants Vs. Zombies Crochet Patterns

Peashooter and Snow Pea from the game Plants vs. Zombies.

© AradiyaToys – Etsy

Plants vs. Zombies is one of those weirdly addicting games – you don’t know exactly why you like it, but you can’t stop playing it. In the game, you are trying to defend a house from an oncoming zombie invasion by placing special types of plants and fungi in their way.

The plants happen to be adorable, by the way. And totally crochetable.  

A CabbagePult from Plants Vs Zombies

© AradiyaToys – Etsy

These adorable Plants vs. Zombies-themed amigurumi patterns were designed by Aradiya, for her AradiyaToys shop on Etsy. You have your choice of eight patterns, available as an instant PDF download. Each of them costs £1.88, and makes for a perfect surprise for any craft-loving Plants vs. Zombies fan.

Aradiya also has several other patterns available in her shop, like this Om Nom from the game Cut The Rope and an amigurumi-fied Cartman from South Park.

Little tip: if you want to skip the DIY bit and purchase the toys ready-made, you can contact Aradiya and ask if she’ll crochet it for you.

Enjoy, and check out the Dork Adore Geek Craft tag for more geek craft inspiration!

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