Babyzen YOYO – a carry-on buggy that comes with lashings of smug

Babyzen YOYO ReviewOnce you’ve served your obligatory time hauling your new baby round in a giant travel wagon, it’s time to park up the the 3-in-1 system and downsize to a more manoeuvrable stroller.

The obvious choice is an umbrella-fold buggy – trusty Maclarens and the like – but now there’s a more stylish and possible even more practical option: the Babyzen YOYO.

Designed to fold small enough to be take on board a plane as hand luggage, the YOYO folds down to a compact package that’s easy to carry.

Babyzen YOYO review – is it any good?

Yoyo buggy reviewThe great thing about this buggy is just how well designed it feels. I don’t just mean that it works well – which it does – I mean that it looks “designed”. It’s been made by people who clearly care about good design. Much as I love the British-made Maclaren brand, there’s no denying that their umbrella-fold buggies are not sexy. In fact, some of them rattle and shake like the miniature one my daughter never puts back in her toy cupboard.

The YOYO looks smart and feels stylish. But it also works really well. You really can fold and unfold with just one hand. It’s so easy to transport it to and from the car, and it can be left in the hallway without creating a tripping hazard.

I also really like the way you can fold down the top part – great if you need a makeshift baby feeding chair.

On the downside…

This isn’t really a workhorse buggy. You can’t hang stuff off the back to make it into a dangerously top-heavy shopping carrier (admit it, we all do it) and the net underneath is never going to accommodate that large bag of cat kibble you just bought so stop trying. But the basket is still big enough for things like handbags and rolled up coats – and why are you trying to use it to carry giant bags of cat kibble anyway?

Also, it doesn’t recline back all that far. If you’re the parent of a child who likes to lie back to sleep you’ll need to go elsewhere for your transport needs.

In conclusion

I love this buggy. It’s beautifully made and it’s lovely to push. It really is easy to open and close. It’s probably more of a car buggy – ie the one you keep in the car to save you having to lug around the giant travel wagon –  although if you’ve used it as your main buggy please do leave me a comment to tell me how you got on. If you are travelling abroad you will almost certainly feel incredibly smug as you sail through the gates with your natty little stroller.

It’s expensive. It costs £309 from White Step. But I suspect that this is a buggy that will hold its value and will start off bidding frenzies on eBay, so you can justify it to yourself that way if that helps. And on a cost-per-use basis, it probably works out cheaper than that giant travel system you bought and used for less than a year. Or was that just me?

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