Meccano Gears of War: Centaur Tank. It’s a children’s toy for adults

Meccano has always been Lego’s big brother, utilising screws, nuts and bolts, and the ever-useful Allen Key. This kit is no different, and benefits from moulded plastic sections, which allow the model to be a lot larger than a Lego set could ever be.

And there’s no doubting how cool this vehicle is when built. Just look at those tyres! It’s also truly rugged, and will take quite a pounding. This is clearly a benefit of a nuts and bolts design.

One thing that does baffle me slightly is the target age range of these toys. I’d say it was a toy for a late Primary school child, and yet the computer game it heralds from is clearly a lot older. However, that’s not to say a grown-up games player wouldn’t love this pure black tank to muck about with.

If I had a little more time on my hands, I might even be so inclined to build a ramp for the sheer pleasure of powering it off into oblivion. I know it would survive.

Meccano Gears of War Centaur Tank – Amazon

Also: Argos, Tesco Direct, eBay

Alex Milway

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  1. Emma Johnston says

    I bought the helicopter for my son at christmas, but he ended up playing with the Minecraft Lego all day while i built the Meccano! I didnt complain.

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