Shop of the week: Casabu. Discounted designer baby gear

Up until a couple of years ago, I generally ignored or resented the existence of children. But then my cousins and friends started having kids. And my best friend asked me to be godmother to her (ridiculously adorable) son.

Now I can’t walk past a toy shop without indulging in a spend for the little people in my life.

So when an email landed in my inbox about Casabu, a short-term sale site for all things kid-friendly, I had to have a browse. Even more so when I discovered they had a LEGO sale. LEGO! Stuff the kids, I’m all over bargain LEGO.

Here are a few of my favourite finds from the sales.


As you can see, it’s got a few things for mums too, including some pretty accessories for making a new mum feel a little more normal after a sleepless night.

Like a lot of the other similar sites (like Brand Alley or Cocosa), you’ll find designer collections with great discounts for around five days. You’ll need to sign up to use the site, but it literally takes a minute or two.


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