Shop spotlight: Genki Gear

Genki Gear Cupcake of Doom print

Recently, I attended Hyper Japan, the UK's biggest J-culture and anime convention (and it's seriously worth going to, if you've got a pair of comfortable shoes). There was, as you can imagine, plenty to do and to see - and in the way of geek fashion, it was heaven. It's where I fell head over … [Read more...]

Shop of the Week: Bouf

Buying from independent sellers is often a more enjoyable experience than buying from a larger company. The customer service tends to be more tailored to the individual, a little more care goes into the sale and independent sellers are often happy to go the extra mile. It's generally a nicer … [Read more...]

Shop of the Week: Shoes of Prey


Customised fashion services are not a particularly new innovation. In fact, we mentioned a few a while ago in our round-up of the best ways to customise your life. But there's still room for a few new sites to pop up and give the more established sites a run for their money. Shoes of Prey offers … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the deathly pillows

Etsy handmade cushions. Harry Potter

These Harry Potter themed pillows are designed to each look like a different character from the series of books and films. Can you guess who this Trio of Wizards are made to resemble?  Or this cheeky red-headed pair? Or this quirky girl wizard? These pillows are made by Etsy seller Pantoufle de … [Read more...]

Wooden music box with dancing penguins

Dancing penguin music box

This Pingu-ish wooden music box by Trousselier featuring a dancing adult penguin and three baby penguins is very cute indeed! Trousselier makes a range of different themed music boxes, but the dancing penguins are by far the cutest in my opinion. It would be very at home in a child's bedroom or … [Read more...]

A TARDIS for all of your needs

Tardis mug with lid

With the beginning of the new BBC Series of Doctor Who the world seems to have gone a little Doctor Who crazy. And as a Doctor Who fan, one thing you may be wanting is a TARDIS of your very own. With that in mind, I've put together the a selection so you can find the TARDIS that will best suit … [Read more...]