Stylish socket #2: Pivot Power Mini

Pivot Power Mini

Back in April 2012 we told you all about the MU Plug, a stylish plug that folds down flat, making it ideal for travel. It's combination of stylish looks and practicality have made it a popular product, and reviews have since started popping up all over YouTube and blogs. Perhaps this success has … [Read more...]

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man ghost lamp

For those retro gamers amongst you the Pac-Man ghost lamp from Firebox brings a sense of gaming fun to your home. It comes with a remote which as well as turning the lamp on and off can set the lamp to any of sixteen possible colours. If you can't decide on just one colour then you can … [Read more...]

Heroes and Villains cushion

Jack Teagle Heroes and Villains cushion for Ohh Deer

Who doesn't love superheroes? Well if you don't like superheroes then that must mean that you are a villain, right? In which case you will still want this cushion from Ohh Deer. Win-win!This Heroes and Villains cushion is a creation by  artist Jack Teagle. It features geeky favourites … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the deathly pillows

Etsy handmade cushions. Harry Potter

These Harry Potter themed pillows are designed to each look like a different character from the series of books and films. Can you guess who this Trio of Wizards are made to resemble?  Or this cheeky red-headed pair? Or this quirky girl wizard? These pillows are made by Etsy seller Pantoufle de … [Read more...]

Star Wars gubbins you don’t really need

Mick Jabba The Hut Cup

You don't really need a load of Star Wars guff for your house. But "need" and "want" are two TOTALLY different things. I mean, I "need" a dental check, but you don't see me posting pictures of teeth on my Pinterest page, do you? No. So without further ado, here's a round up of all the good Star … [Read more...]

Shop of the week: Fab UK


Shopping online is fun. Do it in your PJs, do it on the commute to work, and do it when you're drunk (it's like a present to your sober self in a couple of days time). Shopping offline is not fun; you have to wear actual clothes. And deal with people inyourface. And queue for things. And – in … [Read more...]