Vinegar and Brown Paper etched glass loveliness

This is everyday life, a little from the side…with one eye closed.

Is your glass HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL? Or maybe it just could be, if only you could have A DROP OF GOOD LUCK? Or perhaps it’s that your CREATIVE JUICES have dried up and your ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT is running low?

Well never fear, Vinegar and Brown Paper is here to mend your head!

With a range of beautiful hand-etched pint glasses, mirrors and lab bottles, Vinegar and Brown Paper’s Andy Poplar is a kind of accidental etcher; an advertising executive who quit that life to write and instead found himself etching vintage glassware.

With references ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Andy says that he likes to takeordinary, everyday things and show how they can reveal extraordinary things if you just look at them a little from the side…with one eye closed’.

You can see more designs from Vinegar and Brown Paper or follow them on Twitter @mendyourhead

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