Spice up your cooking with a geeky rack

geeky spices

When I was younger, I used to dream about cooking with spices in the same way Jamie Oliver chucks them in - instinctively and merrily. The trouble is, adding spices to a recipe is very much a scientific process. Too much destroys a delicious sauce, and too little leaves your pie tasting a bit meh. … [Read more...]

ROK Manual Espresso Maker: Review

ROK Espresso Maker Manual

I might as well come out and say it straight away, the ROK Espresso Maker (£129) is excellent. I'm a fan of coffee, owner of a Gaggia Classic Espresso machine and countless cafetières – all of which serve their purpose really well. (If you've not got a thermal coffee press that keeps extra cups … [Read more...]

Bodum stuff on sale at BrandAlley

Bodum BBQ Grill

You'll need to sign up to join BrandAlley, but if you want to grab a load of Bodum kitchen gadgets at low prices, there's a whole load of Bodum-branded stuff with some significant discounts on the clearance sale section. The Battery Operated Salt/Pepper Grinder is down from £35 (RRP) to just … [Read more...]

Do you need a JML Ninja Master?

Ninja Prep Pro

JML is always tempting me with its in-store infomercials that promise to make me and my life more wonderful.  The JML Ninja Master (£39.99) is the latest life-aid that will apparently allow me to reduce kitchen clutter, make the "smoothiest smoothies" and go from "fridge to table top with … [Read more...]