Tetris Light: Stackable table lamp for gaming nerds

It’s a miracle we’ve all managed to live this long without Tetris Lights (£29.99, Firebox) in our lives.

Tetris Stackable Lamp

When we look back, we’ll view it as a time when we had to struggle on through the miseries of life, our existence shrouded in a dark funk that only a table lamp in the shape of Tetriminos could cure.

As well as looking excellent and supplying much-needed light to dark places, the Tetris Light is also a miniature game of Tetris. As you add Tetris blocks they light up.

The Tetris Light is available to pre-order for £29.99 from Firebox. They’ve sold out in the US (Tetris Constructable Light, $59.99, Amazon) but you can pre-order now for October 2012.

Via the Domestic Sluts: Gifts for Geeks: Tetris Lights

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