Cool prints to geek up your home


If you're on the look-out for a reasonably cheap and suitably geeky way to decorate your house, then these prints (found on Firebox and Etsy) are most definitely for you. There's something for every taste and every fandom, and they will make your house look exquisitely geek chic. Punk Super Mario … [Read more...]

Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Christmas

Lakeland Slow Cooker

Spending time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, is something you either love or hate. For every lover of the slow cooked, take-your-time type of approach, there are about a dozen people who'd rather have something quick and tasty (and if you're like me, with a minimum amount of dishes to do … [Read more...]

How to make safe sex stylish

Condom jumper

Imagine the scene, you're single, out on the pull but want to make it clear that you're all about the safe sex. Sure, you could have an actual conversation with someone...or you can just let this fetching jumper do the talking. The Safe-Sex Sweater can be found on Arguably, the … [Read more...]

Grippy Pad from Firebox

Grippy pad on a dashboard

I tend to find car holders for my phone are too fiddly. When I find myself in an "emergency sat-nav" situation (I suddenly realise I'm lost) it takes me a long time – pulled over at the side of the road – battling with a holder to get it in place. It really is very frustrating. Grippy could well … [Read more...]

Velociraptor vs. Shark Whisky


The branding of booze often falls into four categories: Old man, in a hat, usually laughing. Fancy writing and a simple logo to appeal to the more discerning buyer. Birds & plants. SUPER CRAZY BRIGHT DRINKS WITH 'ZANY' COLOURS. Designed to scream out to teenagers who embrace the … [Read more...]

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man ghost lamp

For those retro gamers amongst you the Pac-Man ghost lamp from Firebox brings a sense of gaming fun to your home. It comes with a remote which as well as turning the lamp on and off can set the lamp to any of sixteen possible colours. If you can't decide on just one colour then you can … [Read more...]

Weird watches you might quite like

Dawn till dusk watch

In a world where stopped clocks furnish so many of our public buildings, and mobile phones have become our main method for timekeeping, stopping to strap on a wristwatch has become a more meaningful action. And now that watches have become almost an unusual bit of body furniture, it’s no surprise … [Read more...]

3D Movie Viewer for your iPhone

3d Youtube Iphone Viewer

For those days when watching Gangnam Style video remakes just feels a little bit... flat, we have the Sanwa 3D viewer for your iPhone. This makes the most of the yt3D, YouTube 3D format, sending the appropriate video to your right and left eyes, turning 3D videos into mini marvels before your … [Read more...]

Kitchen geek: baking

Natural History Museum cookie cutters

Believe it or not, baking is a science.  A delicious science, but a science all the same. The process is irreversible, just like a chemical reaction, and you need to have pretty exact quantities of all ingredients to avoid making a total mess. Despite this, the making of baked goods still … [Read more...]