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Pretty cake with lots of sprinkles.Believe it or not, baking is a science.  A delicious science, but a science all the same.

The process is irreversible, just like a chemical reaction, and you need to have pretty exact quantities of all ingredients to avoid making a total mess.

Despite this, the making of baked goods still isn’t seen as particularly geeky, but I plan to change all this with my round-up of the geekiest cooking equipment on the market.

Think Geek cookie cutters

Geeky cooking equipment

First up are these laboratory equipment cookie cutters, currently on sale at Think Geek.

I love a novelty cookie cutter and creating biscuits from these would give me infinitely more joy than actual lab equipment ever has. Buy them now for $12.99.

Natural History Museum dinosaur cookie cuttersOn a similar theme are these dinosuar cookie cutters from The Natural History Museum.

They’re from a museum, so eating the biscuits created with them must be educational. I actually own these myself and can verify for just how great they are. They’re a bit of a bargain at just £3.

If you’ve got dinosaur cookies, why not top off with dinosaur sprinkles, from Amazon?

Star Wars baking tray from FireboxNow, do you have a friend who is seriously into Star Wars? What better to give them for their birthday than a handmade Darth Vader cake? You can make them one using this Darth Vader baking tray from Firebox.

And if you’re done with all of this, why not get some inspiration from these Space Invader cookies, science biscuits and Super Mario cupcakes?

Why not let us know of anything you decide to make in the comments or via Twitter to @dorkadore!

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