Kitchen geek: baking

Natural History Museum cookie cutters

Believe it or not, baking is a science.  A delicious science, but a science all the same. The process is irreversible, just like a chemical reaction, and you need to have pretty exact quantities of all ingredients to avoid making a total mess. Despite this, the making of baked goods still … [Read more...]

A TARDIS for all of your needs

Tardis mug with lid

With the beginning of the new BBC Series of Doctor Who the world seems to have gone a little Doctor Who crazy. And as a Doctor Who fan, one thing you may be wanting is a TARDIS of your very own. With that in mind, I've put together the a selection so you can find the TARDIS that will best suit … [Read more...]

Star Wars gubbins you don’t really need

Mick Jabba The Hut Cup

You don't really need a load of Star Wars guff for your house. But "need" and "want" are two TOTALLY different things. I mean, I "need" a dental check, but you don't see me posting pictures of teeth on my Pinterest page, do you? No. So without further ado, here's a round up of all the good Star … [Read more...]

Dork Adore Gift Guide: The Music Fan

Guitar Pick Punch

Depending on your own taste in music, buying for a music fan is either a bit of a self-indulgent shopping dream, or hell on earth. Music fans have very high standards (some people may say snobbish, but y'know...) so it's a tough challenge. If you fall into the "hell on earth" category, we've put … [Read more...]

Top Toys for Geeky Pets


The fact that one of my favourite websites (Think Geek) had an entire section dedicated to pets had passed me by until now. How did I miss this? I named my cat Professor Moriarty, of course I want geek themed toys for him. I lost most of an evening gleefully bookmarking my top items and I … [Read more...]

Five things we love this week


The internet has been really rather wonderful this week. Here are five things we've spotted that you'll love. Marvel Super-hoodies As a general rule, I'm not the biggest fan of hoodies. But I'll make an exception for these Marvel Superhero hoodies. The two Spider-man designs and the Captain … [Read more...]