Dork Adore Gift Guide: The Music Fan

Depending on your own taste in music, buying for a music fan is either a bit of a self-indulgent shopping dream, or hell on earth. Music fans have very high standards (some people may say snobbish, but y’know…) so it’s a tough challenge.

If you fall into the “hell on earth” category, we’ve put together a few suggestions which might stave off a mid-Comet breakdown.

Top left to right: DIY Guitar Pick Punch, ThinkGeek $24.99, Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, Amazon £211.85, Red Angry Birds Speaker, Gear4 £49.99

Bottom left to right: Georgia Brown Plectrum Wallet, Firebox £31.99, CD Wall Tiles, Firebox £15.99, Bose SoundDock Portable digital music system, Amazon £199.95

(Ok, so I put the Bose SoundDock in there for me. Heads up family/rich friends)

What will you be getting for the music geek in your life?

Emma Cossey

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