My First Digital Music Player from BabyZoo

Music Box for Children

If you're going to design a music player for very young children, the least you can do is make it look like a farmyard with a cow attached. That's certainly the attitude the designers over at BabyZoo have taken, and we heartily approve here at Dork Adore. The BabyZoo Coco Music player (or … [Read more...]

Dork Adore Gift Guide: The Music Fan

Guitar Pick Punch

Depending on your own taste in music, buying for a music fan is either a bit of a self-indulgent shopping dream, or hell on earth. Music fans have very high standards (some people may say snobbish, but y'know...) so it's a tough challenge. If you fall into the "hell on earth" category, we've put … [Read more...]

The new Apple iPod Nano 5G


It's that time of year when companies start to look towards Christmas and release the products they hope will be at the top of every wish list.  The tech companies, in particular those that sell game consoles and compact entertainment systems, start to release details of their latest must have … [Read more...]