Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth headphones

Jabra Clipper

Bluetooth headphones and earphones have come a long way since ye olden days of giant receivers and choppy audio. The Jabra Clipper is part of that new generation of wireless headsets that will give you decent connectivity and good sound quality. The headset isn't fully wireless; cables connect … [Read more...]

Union Jack gadget gubbins

Vintage Union Jack Laptop Case

It's the Jubilee! What does that mean? It means it's time for us to do some themed content! Like every other UK website! Hurray! As we well know, the burning question on every dork's mind is "just how do I make my technology more patriotic?" Luckily, we have the answer: union flag … [Read more...]

RHA CA-200 Can headphones review

Can Headphones RHA

When you look at the price of the RHA CA-200 headphones, you’re likely to think they’re not going to be very good. They’re cans, and just too cheap at £40. But swizzle my swizzler, if I’m not mistaken these headphones are excellent. Okay, to be sure, they have a build quality that you’d expect … [Read more...]

Top Five Romantic Gadgets


Love or hate Valentine's day, it's a great excuse to add a bit of romance into your life. Of course, there's no need to sacrifice the geekery and with this in mind I've rounded up some of the best Valentine's appropriate bits of technology on the market right now… 1. Candlelight without the … [Read more...]