Spice up your cooking with a geeky rack

geeky spices

When I was younger, I used to dream about cooking with spices in the same way Jamie Oliver chucks them in - instinctively and merrily. The trouble is, adding spices to a recipe is very much a scientific process. Too much destroys a delicious sauce, and too little leaves your pie tasting a bit meh. … [Read more...]

Bookish jewellery for literary lovers

Typewriter Key Cufflinks

If you're one of those bookworms who occasionally leaves the house (they must exist somewhere, right?) you might want to make yourself look presentable whilst still letting the world know you'd rather be at home reading. Luckily, Bookish England has your demographic totally pegged. It has … [Read more...]

Kitchen geek: baking

Natural History Museum cookie cutters

Believe it or not, baking is a science.  A delicious science, but a science all the same. The process is irreversible, just like a chemical reaction, and you need to have pretty exact quantities of all ingredients to avoid making a total mess. Despite this, the making of baked goods still … [Read more...]

Say happy birthday in binary


This card may just look like a lot of printed zeroes and ones, but true dorks (and computers) will know that there's much more to it than meets the eye. One of a range of technology cards by Folksy seller Jane Cameron, the clever card carrries the message 'Happy birthday', written in binary code. … [Read more...]

Geek! A necklace especially for you

Geek Necklace

Angharad Mead writes... Name necklaces have been done to death over the past decade, but this creation from Etsy seller QuirkyBoutique gives a tired concept a fresh new twist. Try wearing it with some thick-rimmed glasses and a wonderfully nerdy t-shirt (one of my friends has a slogan tee … [Read more...]

Diagram of geek culture


There's nothing a geek loves more than a good infographic or diagram. So this Diagram of Geek Culture from Julianna Brion, a blogger and illustration major with a minor in graphic design at MICA in Baltimore, is kinda perfect for Dork Adore. I love the range of 'Geek Types' (I'm definitely a … [Read more...]