T-shirts for every cult film: The Big Lebowski

You can find T-shirts for all the big geek names pretty easily (Doctor Who T-shirts, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars), but what if you want something more obscure? Something that fans will congratulate each other on and the non-initiated will wonder what all the fuss is about?

That was me. Then I found The Big Lebowski T-Shirt collection at Allposters.com.

With these T-shirts you can find your favourite cult film and wear it emblazoned across your chest. The interesting geek-tee dilemma is solved!


In the next few posts I’ll be picking out the best of cult classic clothing so stay tuned for more!

The Dude T-Shirts

Today’s featured t-shirt line is the Coen Brothers’ film The Big Lebowski. A film full of bowling, rugs, slackers, nihilists, kidnapping and extreme randomness. I was very excited when I found this: it seems the film’s cult standing has prevailed over its box office revenue and prompted a relatively large selection of t-shirt designs at Allposters.com.

Whether you want The Dude’s chill vibes, Walter’s politics or if you just share the sentiment that a rug ‘really ties the room together, what better way to show your allegiance? Tees cost £11 – £20.

There is also a range of Lebowski-based shirts on 80stees.com and I can recommend this site after buying from them before.

Searching a little further afield one of my favourite designs so far sporting the line ‘Shut up, Donny!’ is available on Ebay.com for 17.95 US dollars (as of 3rd Oct 2012).

You don’t find this kind of fan clothing everywhere and there’s definitely a limited number, but I am on a mission to find more! Which forgotten film turned t-shirt do you want to see next?

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