A TARDIS for all of your needs

Tardis mug with lid

With the beginning of the new BBC Series of Doctor Who the world seems to have gone a little Doctor Who crazy. And as a Doctor Who fan, one thing you may be wanting is a TARDIS of your very own. With that in mind, I've put together the a selection so you can find the TARDIS that will best suit … [Read more...]

Desperate Dan Dandy knitting patterns

Knitted Desperate Dan

It's been a sad day for UK comics: iconic children's magazine, The Dandy, is under threat of closure. And while there are other comics still out there (such as the marvellous Phoenix Comic which includes our favourite comic strip, Gary's Garden by Gary Northfield), it's still sad that it might be … [Read more...]

The TARDIS Of Silly Walks


Well, this is a marriage made in geek chic heaven. Doctor Who inspired by Monty Python's Ministry Of Silly Walks. The design follows all of the Doctors and their walks, all the way up to the current Doctor - Matt Smith. I love the detail on this, down to each of the Doctor's profiles and … [Read more...]