T-shirts for every cult film: Donnie Darko

As it’s the month of Halloween I thought Donnie Darko attire would be appropriate. There’s nothing better than hallucinations, frightening bunny rabbits and the end of the world on October 30th. These Donnie Darko t-shirts will get you in the mood for some tricks and treats.

Donnie Darko T-Shirt

I’ll start off with a trustworthy design that I have bought myself. Bathroomwall.co.uk uses the most effective Frank design that I have come across on a t-shirt and it’s the cheapest at £13.99. They’ve successfully transferred the image of Frank’s head, encompassing the faces of the main cast that was on the DVD cover of Donnie Darko with more detail than any other attempt I’ve seen. The image is clear and with quality application.

It’s accompanied by the eerie line “They made me do it” which any Darko fan can place immediately.

However, my ultimate favourite of this selection is an absolute winner from one of the artists at Redbubble.com.

Scott Weston’s design is unique, impressive and very striking. This cartoon image of Donnie in his skeleton costume overshadowed by the 6-foot tall rabbit, Frank,  could become an iconic image in itself.

The block outline that this cartoon uses is all that’s needed to brand it onto your brain. And the shirt comes in a range of bright colours that make the design all the more dramatic. At only £17.24, I’m tempted to buy this one myself.

Alternatively, If you want something simple and effective Cafepress is offering a t-shirt with the slogan from the film trailer, “Dark, Darker, Darko”. The type is arranged so that each word becomes bigger advancing out of the shirt until the last word, “Darko” almost has a 3-dimensional effect. And what could be more snazzy and eye-catching than white text on a black tee?

There’s so much choice here that you could wear a different design every day for the next “28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds”. Okay, maybe not 28 days exactly, but you could at least have one quality design for every day of the week, including a shirt sporting the above quote, also over on CafePress.

Donnie Darko Halloween Costume

And for the grand finale, take a look at this! If you wanted to go all the way, The Spirit of Halloween is selling a full-size Donnie Darko Halloween Frank Costume on its online shop for $129.99. Halloween Mart has one too.

The perfect cult film geek Halloween costume! Check out more Halloween Costumes on Dork Adore.


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