Pac-ing light

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp-featuredimage

For the next stop on my trendy light-feature tour – which appears to be happening at the moment and features Light Stax and the Floating Light – I am looking at the officially licensed Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. As you might expect from a ghost-themed item, the lamp is super lightweight (get it? … [Read more...]

Miffy 3D Night Light: Glowing rabbit of joy

Miffy Night Light

My not-quite-three-year-old daughter has been reviewing the Miffy Night Light (£14.99) for the past few weeks now and I think it's fair to say, she loves this little light-up bunny with all her tiny heart. So much so that we've had to hide it. The problem is, the nightlight is very bright – … [Read more...]

Nifty nightlights for kids


When you're seven years old and your evil older cousin has regaled you with stories of the hungry monster that lives under your bed and eats children, you tend to be a little bit scared when the lights are turned off. Which is where nightlights, like this Beba Light, (Alessi, £16) on the right … [Read more...]

Kaspa Ghost lamps and shades


Is it wrong that I think one of these Kaspa lamps would be pretty cute hanging in a nursery? Clearly, I'm going to be one of those parents who take up quite a lot of time in my offspring's counselling sessions. But who cares what social services think? I think a little glowing ghost lampshade … [Read more...]