Treat yourself to a Wingdings font-inspired teacup

If the Mad Hatter was throwing a tea party for a bunch of techno bods, I reckon he’d probably invest in a few of these Wingdings inspired teacups from

Delicate and prettily patterned, the bone china cups and saucers hark back to the good days of tea and biscuits in the drawing room, albeit with a modern twist. After all, what better way to update a classic than by adding a pointing finger icon from everyone’s favourite dingbat font?

If you just can’t get enough of Wingdings (and let’s face it, it’s much more exciting than Times New Roman) a cup and saucer will set you back £25. Use to serve Earl Grey for a geeky afternoon tea, or fill with cocktails to really bring fine china into the 21st Century.

What do you reckon? Does Wingdings have a place in the home, or is best kept on our computer screens?

Angharad Morgan

Angharad is a keen blogger and can also be found writing over on This Little Lady Went to London and her own blog, Edible Glitter. She's a particular fan of food, fashion, and crafting, and proud to announce that writing for Dork Adore is making her geekier by the minute.

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  1. Sol says

    There is so much color in the saucer, I wonder if it’s a true match.  .Either way, I love these whimsical tea cups.  Thanks for the post.


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