Dork Adore Gift Guide: Masterchef marvels

As you might have guessed from our Home + Home section, we love us some kitchen gadgets here at Dork Adore.

Sure, some might be slightly pointless and sit on the shelves gathering dust after one use (hello fondue and bread maker). But others will actually come in useful time and time again.

Here are six of our favourite gadgets that we know cooking fans will actually use.

Top row, left to right

Tefal Actifry, Debenhams, £140: Great for homemade chips, and also cooks stir fried veg, fish and meat. Great for the new year too with its low-fat option.

Soda Stream, John Lewis, £60: Sure it’s retro, but it’s surprisingly good for making cocktails and it means you get through fewer plastic bottles.

KitchenAid, Amazon, £449: What cook doesn’t want a KitchenAid?

Bottom row, left to right

YumBots robot cupcake moulds, Amazon, £11.99: OK, these have no functional purpose at all. But look at how cute they are! Yup, I’ve become a blogger cliché.

Click n’ Cook, IWOOT, £32.99: Rather than having all your cooking spatulas in a drawer, this cooking set keeps them all at hand.

Digital Measuring Jug and Scales, Firebox £22.99: I love this measuring jug, which has a set of scales in the removable base so you can weigh solids and liquids. Yeah, I never thought I’d get excited about a measuring jug either.

What kitchen gadgets do you want this Christmas?

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  1. Tamsin says

    I was about to say, hey, I have a bread maker that I use! But then I remembered that it’s on top of my fridge gathering dust…I may have been shamed into making some this weekend!

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