Your Dork summer beauty survivial kit

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray

Since moving to the UK, I've learned one essential thing: when it comes to the weather, always be prepared. Summer's just around the corner, and with the skies apparently unable to decide whether they want to give us rain or sun, being prepared is kind of essential. I've found a couple of beauty … [Read more...]

A Marvel-lous Christmas Gift Round-Up

Marvel Monopoly

  After The Avengers assembled on the big screen last year, everyone went mad for Marvel. This year, we had Iron Man raking in the billion at the box office, Thor battling evil Christopher Eccleston and his elves in London and Agent Phil Coulson resurrecting on the television. And if … [Read more...]

Cool bicycle helmets for kids

Kiddimoto Helmet for Children

Bicycle helmets that make your child look like a giant zebra can only be a good thing in my eyes. So thank goodness for the likes of Crazy Stuff! The company has produced a whole range of really quite awesome animal safety hats for your little one's noggin. The animal bike helmet range has been … [Read more...]

Dork Adore Gift Guide: Masterchef marvels


As you might have guessed from our Home + Home section, we love us some kitchen gadgets here at Dork Adore. Sure, some might be slightly pointless and sit on the shelves gathering dust after one use (hello fondue and bread maker). But others will actually come in useful time and time … [Read more...]