Stamptastic – the name stamp that works on everything

Time that I used to spend blowing my nose or epilating or poking at my cuticles with a paper clip (or any number of small-but-life-affirming body admin) is now cruelly taken from me by the never-ending need to write my daughter’s surname on Tupperware with a Sharpie.

Stamptastic review

Apparently, my salvation from the marauding plastic thieves in pre-school is here in the form of the Stamptastic.

What is Stamptastic?

Stamptastic is a naming stamp (made in the UK!) designed to work on just about everything. The manufacturers promise that the stamp will work on fabric, metal, wood and plastic – and that the ink will last wash after wash.

When my review stamp arrived I was extremely excited: this is just the sort of nerdish thing I love. First, because ensuring every single item my daughter uses for school is labelled appeals to the alphabetiser in me and second, because stamping things is FUN.

The stamp is clear plastic to make it easier to see what you’re doing. The kit comes in a nice little resealable foil bag to keep the ink fresh and the pad is an attractive greeny colour, making the whole thing even more pleasing to me.

But does the Stamptastic work?

It’s easy to stamp; the ink dries quickly and stayed put on everything I tried it on. It lasted on clothes in the washing machine, although it does fade eventually, obliging you to do a top up.

It didn’t do so well on that pesky Tupperware, however. I found it faded a lot by the third go through the dishwasher. It clings on the best it can, but it’s certainly not a permanent solution to a life spent labelling. It IS, however, a significant improvement on the Sharpie.

When it comes to naming things like scissors, rulers and other things that don’t require regular trips to the dishwasher or washing machine, the Stamptastic really is a useful product. If you want something a bit more permanent for clothes, you’ll probably find something like the Attach-a-Tag a longer-term – if more expensive – solution.

Stamptastic stamps start at £16.99 including an inkpad.

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      I got one of those label makers for Christmas as a child and just went label crazy. Years later I watched an episode of Changing Rooms featuring a flocker that you could use to flock things (you know, like flocked wallpaper). I knew then that I should NEVER be allowed near a flocking machine. *flocks entire house including the cat and children.*

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