UV Swimwear: Little Red Fish does retro bathers for children

Little Red Fish swimwear range from Babies in Sheep’s Clothing gets double Brownie points: 1. for providing 50+ UPF protection from the sun’s rays; 2. for coming in styles that are both unisex and not inappropriately slinky for small people.

Little Red Fish UV Bathers
Little Red Fish UV Bathers

Having sighed over skimpy, pink bathing suits on offer in shops before, getting the Little Red Fish bathers for review was a breath of fresh air. They’re retro and stylish, offer good coverage, and are very easy to get on and off again.

UV, mould and chlorine resistance, ftw

Little Red Fish Swimwear

Short-sleeved full suit

Made in New Zealand, the Little Red Fish bathers apparently provide up to 4.5 times the chlorine resistance of ordinary elastane, and they’re resistant to mildew – though of course, I wash my daughter’s swimmers immediately and never discover them festering in the bottom of the swim bag the following week, oh no.

They’re very well made, but they are also very expensive, with prices starting at £44.99. I suspect they’d keep their value pretty well on eBay once you’re done, however.

Little Red Fish UV Swimwear from Babies in Sheep’s Clothing. They come in a range of styles, with red or blue stripe patterns.

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