Electrastim Bi-Polar Clamp: Would you go there?

I like to think I know a lot about the range of sex toys out there. As a sex columnist, I’m not shy about trying new things or exploring all kinds of weird and wonderful fetishes. From foot fetishes to anal beads, strap-ons to swingers, I’ve seen them all (if not tried them all) and don’t really bat an eyelid at much these days.

Until now.

Electrastim Bi-polar clamp

The Electrastim Bi-Polar Clamp really is something else.

The “device”, as we’ll call it, looks a little bit like something you’d use in the kitchen but I’m not 100% sure I’d trust it near water. It’s safe to say, it scares me a bit. And here’s why…

As much as I’m personally happy to indulge in a bit of bondage (Anastasia Steele could learn a lot from me!), there are some things I’d draw the line at for fear of my own life.

The Electrastim Bi-Polar Clamp is, as it says, a clamp for to be applied to your nipples, clitoris or penis. What happens next freaks me out a little. While the clamp is applied to your chosen area, it sends electric signals to the various parts of the body and creates a heightened sense of stimulation. All well and good unless that stimulation is death. 

OK, so I’m being dramatic and erotic electro stimulation is perfectly harmless (unless you suffer from heart conditions) but it’s one of those things I think I’d have to draw the line at. As Anastasia would say, it’s a Hard Limit!

Electricity and sex shouldn’t mix unless it’s battery powered, don’t you agree?

Have you tried this out and loved it? Or does the thought of an electric clamp freak you out as much as it does me?

If you’re up for trying it (and kudos to you if you are!), you can find out more on the Electrastim website and purchase the Electrastim Bi-Polar Clamp from Harmony for £39.99.


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    Hi, Hollie Anne,

    Thanks for writing about our clamp! I feel like I should correct you on a few things though. :)

    The clamp is only for use below the waist, you shouldn’t put it on your nipple.

    Our stimulators are battery powered – Lithium Ion rechargeable in our Flick models and 9-volt in our EM32 models. The only mains powered unit is SensaVox (can also be battery powered) and it has regulators to ensure the outputs are kept to a safe level.

    Now the clamp itself is very soft grip, it exerts much less pressure than applying a peg to your hand. The sensations it produces comes from the stimulator that you need to plug into the base of the clamp.

    On lower levels it will feel like a barely-there tingle which helps to sensitize the area of application. As you increase the power, the tingle feels more prominent and can begin to prickle and make muscles in the area of application contract. Externally this feels like being massaged, internally it feels similar to hands-free thrusting or the muscular contractions you experience during orgasm.

    Stimulation runs in patterns, similarly to patterns on a vibrator. This makes the sensation rise, fall and pulsate in time with the stimulation beat.

    Electro sex toys like this can create a huge range of sensations, depending on the pattern settings and power levels you select. Just like a wand vibe can buzz like a pneumatic drill but also give you a deep, gentle rumble, the setting you choose is dependent on preference.

    Maybe take a look at our reviews page to see how our toys work because your piece sounds like you’re expecting something it really isn’t. :(


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    Clearly electro-play is not your thing! I should point out however, that these are NOT sold as nipple clamps but general purpose genital clamps. Secondly the product warnings and instructions clearly state that all play must be below the waist area.

    That said, I am sure you have come across Slendertone type products which stimulate across the chest etc for the purpose of weight loss? If there was a real risk of “death” I doubt these products would be sold by the millions world-wide!

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