Breastfeeding Gadgets For Geeky Mothers

The Loveyush Nursing Scarf in Primrose Grey

It's breastfeeding awareness week, and since I'm currently breastfeeding, I've put together the ultimate breastfeeding tools you'll need to see you on your way. Nursing scarf from  I love this! You can wear it as a normal scarf (and tie it in lots of different ways) and then … [Read more...]

Mush: a neat way to chop up food

Mush Boon Review

Boon makes a range of trendy parenting tools, including Grass – a crazy plastic lawn for you to dry your trendy baby gear on – and Squirt – a weaning spoon that you can fill will puree. If you're a fan of Alessi gear, you'll probably like the designs. The Boon Mush is small, good looking and … [Read more...]

Bobux i-Walk toddler shoes review


Think of a high-quality early walking shoe for children and chances are you just thought of Bobux. Often copied, the Bobux Soft Sole range for babies really are iconic shoes. But the New Zealand company also makes footwear for older children, with a soft leather Step-up Cruising shoes range for … [Read more...]

The low down on baby food processors


With more parents making the decision to make their own baby food, it's no wonder that companies are cashing in. Making your own baby food can have a multitude of health benefits, as well as being cheaper than tinned and jarred options. But do you really know where to start? Once you've got … [Read more...]

Maternity Wear: T-shirts from ThinkGeek


Maternity clothing is often comfortable and practical. Rarely does it have a sense of humour. Pregnancy is, after all, a serious business. Except, sometimes it is quite funny. You're flatulent, you waddle, you eat some seriously weird sandwiches and you're so blissed out on endorphins that you … [Read more...]

The best sites for secondhand clothes


I'm always on the lookout for ways to save money so that I can spend it on fun things, hence my recent move onto a pre-paid Visa card. eBay used to be my old faithful for updating my wardrobe on a shoestring. Annoyingly I recently got stung by their new charges when selling my Wii, and have now … [Read more...]