Mush: a neat way to chop up food

Mush Boon Review

Boon makes a range of trendy parenting tools, including Grass – a crazy plastic lawn for you to dry your trendy baby gear on – and Squirt – a weaning spoon that you can fill will puree. If you're a fan of Alessi gear, you'll probably like the designs. The Boon Mush is small, good looking and … [Read more...]

ROK Manual Espresso Maker: Review

ROK Espresso Maker Manual

I might as well come out and say it straight away, the ROK Espresso Maker (£129) is excellent. I'm a fan of coffee, owner of a Gaggia Classic Espresso machine and countless cafetières – all of which serve their purpose really well. (If you've not got a thermal coffee press that keeps extra cups … [Read more...]

Eton’s Solar iPod Speakers

Eton Soulra iPod Dock Review

The off-grid lifestyle really appeals to me. Not in an "I'm a neo-nazi and I don't want to pay taxes" type way, but in a "I'd like to live in a cabin in the woods and make furniture out of hazel twigs" type way. So, when something like the Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered iPod Speaker Dock (£199.99, … [Read more...]

Five more gadgets for camping

VW Camper Van Tent

This time last year, I gave you a round up of the best gadgets for camping. I think it's time for an update, don't you? After all, everyone is camping these days. It's cheap! It's fun! The cast of The Only Way Is Essex do it! (ok, ignore that last one) So, without further ado, I give … [Read more...]

The best gadgets for camping


You're either a camping fan or you're not. For some, the idea of getting in touch with nature, sleeping under the stars and cooking over a stove is a little slice of heaven. For others, the idea of sleeping anywhere other than a comfy bed with an en suite is horrifying. Prepare to have your mind … [Read more...]