House: Season Eight – Dork Review

House: Everybody Dies

The misadventures of Doctor Gregory House have been over on UK TV for a full week. He’s been grumpy, misunderstood and, to be honest, just an arse. But, thanks largely to Hugh Laurie, he was never anything less than watchable, even when the show itself went a little off the rails. So how did the … [Read more...]

House – The Finale & What To Do Afterwards!

House: Everybody Dies

As you may be aware, long-running medical monstrosity House is finishing up tonight on Sky One, and even though it might have passed its best, Hugh Laurie limping around barking terse one-liners is always watchable. So, what can we look for in the ending? And, if you’re suffering withdrawal once … [Read more...]

Sherlock – A Study In Pink: Dork Review

Sherlock - with Benedict Cumerbatch and Martin Freeman

After a long wait, Sherlock bounds onto BBC1 to solve mysteries and seem quirky. Although devoid of aliens or goblins, it has attracted the geek eye due largely to co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, both writers on the all-conquering Doctor Who. The first episode, written by Moffat, has … [Read more...]